Jan-Mayen, windy and wet

Our skipper sailed to Jan-Mayen in the beginning of July, as a first mate on Aurora 60ft yacht from Isafjordur. The sailing took roughly three days each way and the weather conditions were quite tough, steady 30-40 knots. The group tried to reach the top of mt. Beerenberg. The route to the summit has become much tougher after the Norwegian declared Jan Mayen a nature reserve in 2010. Now it’s only allowed to land in two places on the island, far from the mountain and it’s strictly forbidden to put down tents on the dark volcanic sand! So they had to walk 50-60 km including 2500m rise of the summit and only bivouacked twice on the way in short brakes. After all the hard work they were hit by a heavy wind near the top so they had to return.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

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