Wild Geese do fly!

Our Wild Geese had her final “exam” last week when she got re-measured with an official Icelandic tape measure. Now she has finally become one of the Icelandic fleed and has fulfilled all the regulations as such. It’s not an easy process up here in the north and it has been going on the whole winter. […]

Happy Easter!

Wild Geese and her crew wishes happy Easter to all of you. Easter and Wild Geese do have a special meaning in our minds because last Easter we met our Wild Geese for the first time and we had our first stay on board. That was in Malahide Marina in Dublin. You could say at that […]

Islands of Reykjavik

You want to experience Reykjavik from another angle? Why not join us and explore the islands just outsideof Reykjavik. Only few minutes sailing and you are among puffins and seagulls. We are just a phonecall away +354 8603115. Read more about the tour.

Northern Lights Sailings

Have you ever experienced the Aurora Borealis? -Why not give it a try floating quietly on the calm sea on a sailboat? We offer Aurora sailings just few minutes out from Reykjavík on the beautiful “Sounds of Blue”. It’s a magical refreshment for your mind and body. Nutritious gourmet soup inclusive to warm you up […]