Around Snæfellsnes

This is a 6 days trip, departing from Reykjavík sailing around Snæfellsjökull, exploring Breiðafjörður with Stykkishólmur as the final destination.

Snæfellsnes is a peninsula situated to the west of Faxaflói, in western Iceland. Snæfellsjökull volcano is one if the most famous glaciers in Iceland, regarded as one of the symbols of Iceland. With its height of 1446 m, it is the highest mountain on the peninsula and has a glacier at its peak. The mountain is also known as the setting of the novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by the French author Jules Verne. The area surrounding Snæfellsjökull has been designated one of the four National Parks by the government of Iceland.

We will departure from Reykjavik early morning and take course to Snæfellsjökull. This means crossing the bay of Faxaflói. After crossing we will stop over in a very small fisherman harbor on Arnarstapi. Then we will sail around Snæfelljökull to a little town Grundarfjördur in the north of Snæfellsnes, then we will cross the Breiðarfjörður bay over to Flatey and Elliðaey and then end the tour in Stykkishólmur.

Sailing over Faxaflói is a beautiful sailing where we have the glacier in front of us growing bigger and bigger every mile. And we get a spectacular/unique view on the glacier when sailing around the cape. In Faxaflói and Breiðafjörður we can expect to see whales and dolphins. Very often we get to see groups of killer whales or dolphins swimming by.

In Breiðafjörður we will anchor on some very nice natural harbors, surrounded by wild nature and wild life.

This tour offers great sea view on the Snæfellsjökull glacier and the islands in Breiðarfjörður including nice hikes, whale and bird watching.

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