Greenland Adventure

Following the Tracks of the Dogsled Hunters

  • Small boat , only 4 passengers, high quality cuisine, personal service.
  • We might get to the Arctic circle 66°

Have you ever experienced the magnificent wilderness in the Arctic and the peace and calm of the Greenlandic fjord land? In this tour, which is a combination of sailing, hiking and exploring, you will for sure!

Our exploration area is around the Ammassalik Island, which is about 40km long and 30km wide, where we will do some hikes following the sled hunter’s trails. The island is separated from the mainland of Greenland by the wide Sermilik Fjord in the west, and by the Ikaasartivaq Strait in the northeast. The highest peaks of the island over 1300m are in a steep mountain range near the northeast corner of the island.

Our yacht, The Wild Geese, is a 35 ft sailboat, which offers unique opportunity to visit and see the extraordinary places of untouched nature, where only the Greenlandic hunters go through. Sailing on a sailboat is the most peaceful and quiet way to travel through this unspoiled scenery without disturbing it.

In this trip we will sail into the Sermilik fjord ”The Big Icefjord” where we are guaranteed to see icebergs of all sizes and hopefully some whales.

We will visit few remote villages where seal hunting is an ancient, integral and sustainable part of everyday life. The sense of community is everywhere, and life is a delicate balance of ancient traditions and modern technologies with strange contradictions at play – for example, houses may have internet connections but no running water.

In this area there are many notable minerals and the colourful striped rocks can easily keep one fascinated during the walk, these rocks were formed in the Paleoproterozoic evolution some 2500-2000 million years ago.

The hikes are of moderate difficulty level. In some areas we might be the first people ever to hike there. Keep in mind that we are in Greenland so local conditions might determine our plans just like it dictates the lives of the locals in this area, the Inuits, they live at a pace that is not dictated by clocks but by the wind, visibility and the ice.

This marvellous adventure trip will capture your mind, so be prepared to find yourselves daydreaming for weeks after you arrive at home.

The trip starts and ends in Kulusuk.

Tour duration: 7 days

Passengers (min-max): 2 – 4

Included: Guide for 7 days, accommodation on board for 6 nights, food and beverages (non-alcohol) during the whole trip on board and during the hikes.

Price pr.pers: 2.690 EUR


Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Kulusuk
As stated before, our adventure starts in Kulusuk. There are direct flights daily from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, departing from Reykjavik at 13:40 PM and arriving in Kulusuk at the same time, flight takes 2 hrs and time difference is 2 hrs. There are only few cars on the island so be prepared for a 40 minutes walk with your luggage from the airport to the village.



Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Ammassalik, Whale

Day 1: Kulusuk – Tasiilaq

The expedition yacht WILD GEESE will be waiting for you in Kulusuk harbour. Passengers should all be on board at 16:00 / 4:00 PM. Then we will set sails and head to the Ammassalik Island, where we cross the Ammassalik Fjord. There we will see our first large icebergs and possibly some whales.

In the afternoon we arrive to our first anchorage where we have dinner and spend our first night in the yacht Wild Geese.

Day 2: Tasiilaq – Johan Petersen Fjord

Arctic Sailing, Greenland, TasiilaqAfter breakfast we sail to Tasiilaq which is the largest town on the east coast of Greenland, with around 2.000 inhabitants. We will go ashore and explore the colourful village and even hike through the beautiful Valley of Flowers.

After launch we leave Tasiilaq and sail over to Sermilik Fjord which is one of the big ice fjords on the East Greenland coast. We will see a lot of icebergs of all sizes and shapes.

Our final destination for the day is the Johann Petersen Fjord where we anchor for the next two nights.

Day 3: Exploration in Johann Petersen Fjord

We spend this day doing some hikes and explore the stunning nature in Johann Petersen Fjord.Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Johan Peterson Fjord, Heim GlacierArctic Sailing, Greenland, Johan Peterson Fjord







Day 4: TiniteqilaaqTasiilaartik Fjord 

Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Tiniteqilaq

We start early and cross the Sermilik Fjord and sail into the narrow Sound of Ikasartivaq. In the narrow entrance of the sound is the small hunter’s village (population 140) Tiniteqilaaq, meaning “The sound, which runs dry at low tide”. There we go ashore and walk around the settlement which offers a spectacular view to the Sermilik fjord.

It’s a stunning experience to sail through the Ikasartivaq sound with over 1.000 m high mountains on both sites. After passing the Ikasartivaq sound we are in Ammassalik Fjord.  Our final destination is Tasiilaartik “The small Lagoon” fjord where we will anchor.  If we are up to it we might take a short hike in the afternoon.

Day 5: SermiligaaqKnud Rassmussen Glacier 

Now we head the Sermiligaaq fjord by sailing through the narrow Ikateq sound.

Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Bluie East Two, Ikateq On our way we make a stopover at Bluie East Two. It’s an abandoned US air force base in a narrow strait, Ikateq
which was and US army base  during World War II between 1942-1947.

Thousands of barrels strewn across the landscape are still leaking fuel. To this day, this and other bases like it are yet to be cleaned up. Meanwhile the politicians argue about who should do the job. The Inuit call these barrels, American Flowers. It’s kind of a tragic feeling that catches you while wandering around in this man made garbage pile in the middle of this magnificent and silent nature.  -Such a contrast. The surroundings are beautiful, there is a narrow stream that runs from a big lake down to the sea and photogenic high mountains (over 1200 m) on both sides.

Our final destination is the Sermiligaaq fjord where we can see two big glaciers fall into the sea, the Karel glacier and Knud Rassmussen glacier.

Day 6: KuummiutQernertivartivit

Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Kuummiut

Now we start heading back in the direction to Kulusuk. After inhaling the powerful nature in Sermiligaaq we sail back through the Ikateq sound to the village Kuummiut.

After walking around in the village for a while we will head for our final destination, our starting point, Kulusuk. On the way to Kulusuk we sail through almost the whole Ammassilik. If there is time we could stopover at Qernertivartivit, an abandoned settlement with only five houses that nowadays are used by hunters and fisherman as an overnight facility.

Day 7: Kulusuk

Now it’s your duty to rise and shine early enough to catch the plain, departure from Kulusuk to Reykjavik is at 10:50 AM. The captain and his crew will make sure you get a good breakfast before you leave if you don’t oversleep.

Arctic Sailing, Greenland, Kuummiut


10.08.2017 to 16.08.2017

17.08.2017 to 23.08.2017

24.08.2017 to 30.08.2017

To book a trip please send us e-mail to

* we are flexible in dates and trip plans so please tell us your needs.

Terms and conditions

The Arctic Sailing trips are of an adventurous nature and to relatively remote locations in Iceland, Greenland and other places. We make our best effort to stick to the planned itinerary but participants must appreciate and acknowledge that the trip requires considerable flexibility. The company and captain of the vessel reserve the right to adjust the itinerary without notice for reasons beyond their control such as weather, ice-conditions or other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances. Once departed on the voyage the captain will have final say on all decisions affecting safety etc. and this must be accepted by all participants.

• Yacht costs
• Services of guides and crew
• All food and beverages (non-alcohol) during the whole trip on board and during hiking.
Not included
• International and domestic flights to Iceland and Greenland
• Accommodation in Kulusuk before or after the trip
• Personal clothing & equipment
• Personal insurance
• Any costs incurred through missed or delayed flights

Photos from Ammassalik area

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